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We've produced a wide range of events, with 3000 square feet of interior space can accommodate up to 200 people, theater style seating 150,

dinner seating 100 for an intimate gathering.


Pitkin Lofts one is perfect for any event, book us for corporate meeting, seminar, conference, networking event, workshop, or female empowerment brunch. 

  • Description: Ideal for small, intimate gatherings or business meetings, this package covers the essentials.

  • Includes: Venue rental, basic seating arrangement, standard lighting, and a sound system.

  • Optional Add-Ons: Catering services, additional AV equipment, and basic decoration.

*e-mail for inquiries

Let's Elaborate on the Service We Offer

 Photography & Film

At Pitkin Lofts, we offer top-notch photography and filmmaking services to bring your creative visions to life, whether for personal projects or professional portfolios. Our talented team, has a keen eye for detail and ensures that every shot and scene reflects the highest standard of artistic excellence.

Contact Eddie | 646-662-2287

Content Creation & Podcast Recording

Pitkin Lofts is your go-to destination for cutting-edge content creation and podcast recording services, offering a fully equipped studio designed to inspire and facilitate your creative process. Our equipment and space ensure that every project, from engaging podcasts to dynamic digital content, is produced with clarity and impact.

Contact Chris | 516-563-1459

Beauty & Social Engagment

Pitkin Lofts artfully blends the luxury of a full-service beauty salon with comprehensive event planning services, creating a unique destination for beauty enthusiasts and event organizers. Our expert team is committed to delivering exceptional salon experiences and flawlessly executed events, ensuring that every visit and occasion is nothing short of extraordinary.

Contact Reida | 516-749-9314

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